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Astrologer Abha Jain

Welcome to Vidushi Vastu & Astrologer

Astrologer Abha Jain in Delhi

Vidushi Vastu & Astrologer is an astrological institute whose founder is Famous Astrologer in Delhi - Abha Jain, who is in this filed for more than 15 years. In this institute, vastu, astrology, palm reading, mantra remedies, yog, mudras etc. are scientifically, logically and spiritually explained and given training.

Vidushi Vastu & Astrologer (VV& A) is counted among the Best astrologers in Delhi and provides lots of services, like, birthday predictions, horoscope, samudric reading, birth chart making, love problems, career guidance, vastu consultancy etc.

Here Astrology, palmistry, vastu are taught through regular and correspondence courses and in these courses, how science is involved are explained.

Secondly, people think that astrology, is a myth because some people who don’t know the depth of this science they get misguide easily.

But our gurus and rishis have installed this as a calculative science. The way we use calculator in maths in the same way in astrology we can predict the future of a person to a large extent. Because of which a person gets insight into future possibilities how he can tackle them which helps him in framing his future.

As we see, in India and abroad all those people who are aware of this science, they use it before starting a new work. They use the facilities of an astrologer, vastu consultant , palm reader etc. to organize themselves, so that their new work does not get obstructed. And we perceive rich people succeed continuously.

At the end of the article Abha jain want to say to all the Indians that our rishis and munies who have gifted us this spiritual science, We should utilize it fully in all aspects of our life. So that we could more formal in all spheres of life. Abha Jain, the renowned astrologer in delhi gives astrological remedies and solutions related to career, life, relationship and more.. View our services.


Our Courses

  • Astrology Course in Delhi
    In this course, we give introduction that, what astrology is all about in real terms? Indian astrology depends on the place and time of the event like birth of a person or beginning of some auspicious work etc.
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  • Numerology Course in Delhi
    The science and art of numbers, numerology is a unique subject in which you can learn about the astrology in the form of numbers. Each one of us is born with unique numbers, as numerology is the universal language of numbers. Our course at VidhushiVastu and Astrologer, we will train you on this fascinating course.
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  • Palmistry Course in Delhi
    Palmistry is a branch of occult sciences dealing with the art of reading the palm of a person. It is believed by palmists that the lines in your hands can determine a lot about you. The major bonus is that you get to know about people and you can help them by suggesting appropriate measures. At VidhushiVastu and Astrologer, you get to learn the art of palmistry in the most simple and exciting ways.
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  • Vastu Shastra Course in Delhi
    The Hindu ancient and traditional known system of architecture is known as Vastu Shastra, which can accurately translate the science of architecture. In the Indian subcontinent, the texts were found that describe the principles of, layout, ground preparation, spatial geometry design, space arrangement and measurements.
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